Freebsd 11.0 on HyperV

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1. Boot the virtual machine as normal. 2. At the "Welcome to FreeBSD" boot loader (with the red logo) press "3" for "Escape to loader prompt". 3. You'll be faced with an "OK " command prompt. Type the following:

 set hw.ata.disk_enable=1

4. The boot process should complete as normal. Proceed with the installation like you did before and the partitioning should complete OK. Assuming the installation works OK, when you reboot into the OS from the virtual hard drive, the boot will probably fail and you'll get a "mountroot" prompt. Repeat the above to boot the machine properly. Login as root and at the # prompt, type:

ee /boot/loader.conf

it needs to contain the following:


Save & exit; rebooting works fine after that.